Victims – You aren’t the only one

If you have been scammed by ‘IBA Markets‘, ‘IBA Options’, ‘SIR Global Ltd‘ and/or any of their related businesses or guises, you are not alone.  They are unscrupulous and are happy to defraud you and move onto their next victim.

According to their website “More Than 350,000 Investors Have chosen to work with IBA.

Unless you are content to have been defrauded and your money stolen, join this effort to reclaim what they have stolen, bring those responsible to justice, and time permitting, to impale them all on a flaming stake.

Email us to join our ranks:

In the mean time, please collate all your evidence of their fraud including (but not limited to):

  • Emails
  • Bank details
  • Wire transfer details
  • Recorded conversations
  • Chat transcripts
  • etc etc

You should also report the fraud to all the authorities appropriate to your location/jurisdiction (there are lots of them).  A nice list to help you on this is coming….

Most importantly, make sure you report the scammers on all investment related forums.  The IBA Markets website might have ‘disappeared’, but SIR Global Ltd is no doubt currently re-badging themselves under a different guise to start all over again (or they are already active under a different name).  Until they are stopped, they will do it all over again to others.

Note too that you are sure to be contacted by firms claiming to have remarkable experience in recovering funds from fraud/scam companies such as ‘IBA Markets‘, ‘IBA Options’, ‘SIR Global Ltd‘.  While there are definitely reputable firms offering recovery services, for a fee, some of the firms exist only to prey on the victims.  They will be big on promises and big on cost, but small on delivery, or ultimately will claim that they were unsuccessful… for which there will be no refund.  Investigations are currently pending as to whether some of the firms are directly or indirectly related to IBA Markets!

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