Complicity – Happy to do business with fraudsters

IBA Markets are a scam, happy to defraud money from honest people.  To do this, they need to do all the things that legitimate businesses do, including advertising and marketing.  After all, victims need to be found.

Cold called by scammers like IBA Markets?  Ever wondered how they got your contact details?  Or did you discover IBA Markets from a website?  You discovered there were so many links to them on-line that they had to be legitimate.  Wrong.

There are no end of businesses happy to help IBA Markets in their scam.  IBA Markets paid for the advertising or for their content to be featured, so they can apparently say what they like.  Are they oblivious to their involvement, or happily complicit?  You be the judge.

Case in point, when you sign up with, their terms of use state that you are happy to be contacted by third parties.  In doing so, the user expectation is that such third parties are legitimate … but the reality is that does no validation of  the businesses/brands it advertises/features on their site or on-sells your contact details to.  Clearly, just because a business/brand like IBA Markets appears on is absolutely measure of that brand’s authenticity or credentials.  It must make good business sense for to advertise scams.

Here’s some great examples of IBA Markets getting some legitimacy to their scam from being on

It’s only when you look deeper that you start to understand just how easy it is for scammers to get enough of an on-line presence to start to register some credibility.  The reality is that just because a company appears on many different websites doesn’t mean they are legitimate in any capacity.  Many sites offer the means for individuals or companies to advertise themselves, sometimes it’s free and sometimes it will be negligible fee which scamming companies can easily fund from their advertising/marketing budgets.  Many of the internet mentions of IBA Markets or even featured content espousing the virtues of IBA Markets are nothing more than a subtle advertisement.

It also helps a lot when IBA Markets is part of a big family of companies and they all link to each others websites.

Are you victim of IBA Markets an their scam?  It might be worth checking how IBA first got your contact details… and then email us!

Are you a business having second thoughts about being associated with scammers?  This way to offset your guilt.

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