Community service – Anyone wanting to go “extra-judicial”?

It would be absolutely inappropriate to advocate for any extra-judicial attention being paid to anyone involved with IBA Markets.  That said, as the victims of the IBA Markets scam confront financial ruin, they are increasingly willing to confront the inappropriate.

Hitmen, mercenaries, thugs, hooligans and anyone else willing to do harm on these fraudsters under the guise of community service are invited to peruse the contents of this website or email the victims ( ).

Want ideas?  Let the unspoken thoughts of the victims guide you:

  • “I want them dead”
  • “I want their families, dead”
  • “I want their genitals nailed to a table, then I want bits of them cut off slowly with a band saw … and then I want them dead.”

Note: This site does not openly condone violence against anyone involved in this scam.

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