Done business with these fraudsters?

International fraud requires legitimate businesses to give them a measure of legitimacy, and they can’t do it all themselves.

If you are a legitimate business who has done business with ‘IBA Markets‘, ‘IBA Options‘, ‘SIR Global Ltd‘ or any of their associated employees or companies, we would like your assistance.

Perhaps you were unaware that they were a scam, or perhaps you’ve just grown a conscience.  Either way, unless you want to be considered, and “outed”, as complicit in their scam, we would like your assistance in providing all information you can to expose all perpetrators and bring them to justice.  We are not asking you to break the law … but in dealing with them, you may well have.

Things you know which might help:

  • Forwarding/contact details of anyone associated with the scammers
  • Billing/account details associated with the scammers
  • Details of any companies/organisations you believe might be affiliated or associated with the scammers
  • Photographs of anyone you might have seen/met in the course of dealing with the scammers (regardless of whether they said they were employees of the actual company or not)
  • Might they be on any security/surveillance/CCTV video?

Law enforcement advises that it will all help to ensure that everyone involved is identified.  Not just the big fish… all of them.

If you have anything you’d like to share, please email us at

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