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This is an unfolding story.  What appears to be a bone fide, “regulated” investment company with offices in US, UK, Canada and Poland has attracted investors from around the globe with a range of options and opportunities from ForEx trading, to CFD’s, SIRP and IRA accounts and hedge funds.  They encourage investors to borrow heavily to invest, even completing finance/loan applications on the investors behalf.  Investor’s confidence is initially high with periodic payments/withdrawals from the proceeds of their investments… until the payments stop, phones and emails go unanswered … and then the website goes “dark” (disappears).  Investors are left not only with the loss of their investment, but also with crippling loan repayments and financial ruin.  The company then rebadges itself as an entirely new company and it starts all over again.

The next part in the story will involve an international assault to reclaim investor funds, bring those responsible to justice and stop the cycle of what is an internationally lucrative fraud niche.

There’s sure to be lots of angles and something for everyone:

  • human interest – real people, real stories of resultant bankruptcy
  • international investment fraud  – Israel, US, Montenegro, Russia, British Anguilla … the list goes on of the countries implicated in the fraud
  • official corruption helping to hide fraudsters
  • fraud funding terrorism, human trafficking, and paedophile rings
  • the list goes on.

We will be most appreciative for your assistance.

There’s a lovely reference to ‘SIR Global Ltd’ in the ICIJ Offshore leaks database thanks to the Panama papers here:

For what it’s worth (from their website):
IBA Markets is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (“FMRRC”), License number RU 0394 AA Vv0064, at our registered office, 25 Mason Complex, Stoney Ground, The Valley, British Anguilla. IBA Markets is an affiliate of the Sir Global LTD and utilizes the trading systems, infrastructure, technology, operations and personnel of the group to facilitate customer services.

At this time, we know the scammers behind ‘IBA Markets’ are well advanced in their efforts to re-establish themselves under a new name.

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