White Hats – Feel free to help!

White hats, if you are wanting a new challenge, why not help a growing list of ordinary people who have been defrauded out of millions of $$$, Euro, £££ in an international investment scam.

They dont deserve to disappear with the hard earned funds of everyday investors, so while they try to cover their tracks, why dont you help to bring them down?

Anything you can dig up on ‘IBA Markets’, ‘IBA Options’, ‘SIR Global Ltd’, their parent organisation, their employees, their associates, their finances, their addresses, their background, their real names, their passports, etc, will be much appreciated.  An ethical hack is preferred (but not essential).

We can respect your anonymity, or we can openly shower you with gratitude.

Let us know what you find: help@ibamarketsscam.com

Need a starting point?

Here is a cached view of their website (before they disappeared):


Here are their contact details from their website (but we know these locations are effectively only on paper):

Here is list of some of the people (aliases?):


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